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Increasing Conversion Rate Strategies

Over the past year we have been hard at work helping our clients build their online presence on various social networks, improving their website usability and creating additional features to engage with their audience and facilitate more sales. Strategic planning and marketing campaign management is a work of art in this age of digital enlightenment. That said, small businesses can easily conquer new markets by combining their web marketing efforts with other social media strategies. Lately, our marketing strategies  yield an impressive conversion rate of 8.9% for one of our online retail client. We achieved this by using Facebook, Pinterest, targeted email newsletters, and other web-based call for action! According to the latest data, in 2013 retail/ecommerce sites reported an average conversion rate of 3%, while media/publishing sites averaged 10%, technology hardware sites 5%, and the software industry sector averaged 7%. Professional/financial services, which would include legal, medical, and accounting firms, reported the highest average conversion rate of 10%. How can you improve your overall conversion rates? Design and Usability Increasing your conversion rate requires some creativity and consistency with your original calls to action. The ideal landing page incorporates an attractive visual to draw in the user, with clearly presented value points that encourage a simple form submission. Remember, the customers already made the decision to commit to what you’re offering. All you have to do is show them that they will be getting the value they expected when they clicked your call to action button. Designing a user friendly website with compelling Colours and attractive images is a key starting point to get people to stay on your website once they land on one of your pages. Facilitating their experience with an easy to navigate website, clear call for action, and process to purchase and check out is ultimately what will convert them from browsing to purchasing! Pinterest can Drive eCommerce Sales Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network site in the world, and ecommerce stores can leverage its popularity to significantly increase traffic and sales. Interestingly, referral traffic from Pinterest to most online stores is on average equal to the traffic coming from Twitter and Facebook. But of that traffic, shoppers are 10% more likely to make a purchase compared to those who arrive from other social sites. Furthermore, of those purchases, the average order is double the average order from Facebook. Pinterest has already become a huge...
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Tracking Facebook Ads in Google Analytics

Measure the impact of your Facebook Ads in your web analytics software. Learn how to use Google Analytics to track your ad’s performance so you can learn what’s working well for you. We’ll show you how to customize your ad’s URL and see the results in three easy steps.   Measure the impact your Facebook Ads have on your business   Benefits: Get Visibility: Track visits from Facebook Ads in Google Analytics and understand how Facebook builds your business. Increase Return on Investment: Identify which audiences and creatives help your business, and adjust the amount you spend to make your budget go further.   Start Tracking your Ads today Download this “how-to” guide from Facebook Tracking_facebook adds with Google Analytics to start tracking your social media success today! Read about our Services...
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