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Over the past decade, we have worked with clients from around the globe. We have helped them reach broader audiences and grow their markets. We’ve helped our clients established their brand or refresh their aging image. We have consulted with them; designed, developed and implemented their new strategies. But don’t just take our word for it.


Clients and Partners Reviews

Testimonials made by former partners and clients on Linkedin.com

Ken Ashdown – Senior Instructor at Vancouver Film School

Strategy is fundamentally about making complex things simple, and that’s just one of Robert’s strengths. It’s what you need if you’re wading into the tech/social media landscape.

Clayton Stark – General Manager at KIXEYE

Its easy to recommend Robert in general; the difficulty is choosing the best specific quality to highlight. I engaged Robert to provide assistance with technology strategy as well as project planning, implementation and overall management of execution. The fundamentals were all excellent — expert counsel, solid planning, effective delivery. He went far above and beyond the parameters of the engagement and provided assistance with numerous other elements of our business, including personnel management, corporate strategy, and new business development — none of which he was obliged nor contracted to provide. And the help he provided was transformative for us. On top of all of that he became a close friend and trusted ally, which I get the sense is a very common occurrence for those that engage with this uniquely talented and insightful man.

Andrea Hancock – General Manager at 95JOVO.com

I’ve worked with Robert through 2006 -2008 in Shanghai. Helped him set up RaincityStudios Shanghai office. He’s been a great team leader and business developer. I was always amazed by his expertise in digital media industry, his commitment to get things done good. He’s been great friend for us too

Monique Sherrett – Technologist, Online Marketer, Strategist

I first met Robert in the early days of the web at a conference called Blogs ‘n Dogs, yes it was held in Banff and included dog sledding. Robert is impressive in his knowledge of the web and his enthusiasm for strategy and implementation of interesting, out-of-the-box Drupal websites. His company was my first choice when I was looking for a technology partner for a large, community-focused website we were designing for one of my clients. Robert worked really well with the client, reassured them of their direction, offered advice and ensured that we had a solid team of experts to work with on a lengthy project. Regardless of what Robert is working on, if he’s working on it, then he is an interested, passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic member of the team. Should he be interested in you or your company, you are in good hands.

Mark Yuasa – Former Art Director at Raincity Studios

Robert is a driven, capable individual, who balances business acumen and marketing savvy with care and persistence. His Search Engine knowledge is without reproach, a result of practical application and constant study. His ability to organize both people and projects has been key to Raincity Studios’ success, and surely its future as well.

Ean Jackson – Professor at University of Phoenix

I recommend Robert and Holistic Hybrid where there’s a need for expertise in how to make online marketing work. His understanding of web development, web design goes beyond SEO to include emerging trends such as Web 2.0. An engaging, articulate speaker, Robert also earns top grades for his performance as a guest speaker in an MBA class in eBusiness I teach.

Jeff McCormack – President of Checkpoint1 Apparel Corp

I have know Robert for over 10 years and used him to market my online business. Robert was very professional and knowledgeable regarding web design and online marketing. I highly recommend his services. Our web traffic has only gone up since we’ve used his services.

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