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Measure Your Social Media Marketing Success

Do you know the difference between social media monitoring and social media analytics?   In social media monitoring you are actively monitoring relevant content about your brand on various channels. Social media analytics describes the process of measuring, analyzing and interpreting the statistics of these content. How is this done? Well you can use various tools such as Google Analytics, and Facebook Insights. Or you can make your life easier and use Quintly.   What is QUINTLY? quintly is the professional social media benchmarking and analytics solution to track and compare the performance of your social media marketing activities. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter or both, our tool visualizes and checks your social marketing success, benchmarking your numbers against your competitors or best practice examples. Market Benchmarking In order to optimize your social media performance, you should not only look at your own page’s performance, but also at how your competitors do in the social web. Also, looking at best-practice examples can be extremely valuable. With quintly this benchmarking information comes to you without any work on your part. Just tell us which pages or profiles you would like to track and compare, and we do the work and import all the public data available. You can then use our 30+ metrics and our advanced dashboard to compare your own performance with those of other pages or profiles in every dimension imaginable. Market Benchmarking makes a lot of sense – as does the fact, whether you are doing a good job or not depends on the actual industry you are working in. In some sectors a certain interaction rate is perfect and in others, the same interaction rate wouldn’t be very flattering at all. This said, it is important to look at other similar pages (i.e. of competitors, similar brands or cooperation partners) to determine if your KPIs are set in the right intervals.   Automated Reports Automated Reports are a pretty useful feature for both agencies and any kind of business. It ultimately helps you to inform all parties involved on a daily basis about your company’s social media marketing performance. This especially applies to those colleagues or partners (i.e. your CEO, director or client) who do not work within Facebook or Twitter marketing. With quintly, creating simple, comprehensive and automated reports is easy. On top of that, our efficient report engine facilitates creating them with your own...
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