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Start Blogging to Increase Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking

Search engines favor websites that are updated on a regular basis. They also favor sites that have a lot of keyword-rich content.  Integrating a blog into your company’s website is a great way to do both easily.  In fact, websites with blogs generate 55% more traffic than websites without blogs. They also generate 97% more inbound links than non-blogging sites.  And, sites with active blogs have 434% more indexed pages.   What are the Benefits of Having a Business Blog?   Each Blog Post Can Focus on Specific Keywords With each blog post, you are able to focus on specific keywords and include them in the post’s headline, the body of the post, and the post’s tags. You can also add meta tag info to each post.  Including such keyword rich content on your site over time will help it to rise up in the rankings organically (free). A Blog Positions Your Company as an Expert Beyond search engine optimization, business blogs give you an opportunity to humanize the company by providing direct access to the company leaders and management.  It also provides an authoritative voice for the company and positions you as a leader in your field. Customers & Prospects Can Subscribe to the Blog — Keeping You in Front of Them Visitors to the site can subscribe to receive new blog posts via a RSS reader or by email. This is a great way to keep in front of customers, build trust with prospects, and extend your company’s reach.   Blogs Provide Opportunities for Engagement & Relationship Building Blogging also creates opportunities for your company to interact with existing and potential customers and build community with your readers.  If your sales process is a long one, blogging gives your prospects the opportunity to get to know your business risk-free. Blogs are Easy to Manage Blogs are very easy to use and manage. You don’t need any special software or tools, other than a browser and Internet connection. You can log in to your blog anywhere and even assign multiple authors / users who can contribute their posts to the company blog. Blog Posts are Easy to Share with Others. Including “Share” buttons on each blog post makes it easy for readers to share the information with their network via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, etc. Blogs Can be Tied-Into Your Social Media Networks To maximize each blog post’s...
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Content is King on the Internet

Nothing is more important than to share relevant and useful content with your community on a regular basis.  Figuring out just what type of content to share can be tough. Here is a list of content ideas to help you write compelling articles for your  readers.   Content Ideas for Your Blog and Social Networks:   “Content, Content, Content” has replaced the old adage “Location, Location, Location” Case Studies / Success Stories of Customers who Have Used Your Company’s Products & Services (Identify the Problem, Solution, Outcome) Topical / Relevant Book Reviews & Synopses Industry Trends & Statistics and What it Means for Your Customers / Prospects Industry News & Events Company News & Events Conduct a Quick Search Using Google’s Keyword Search Tool to Find Out What Topics are Being Searched and Write Content About these Topics (Great for Search Engine Optimization) Use Yahoo! Answers, Google Reader, and LinkedIn Questions as a Resource and Idea Generator Conduct Interviews with Thought Leaders, Authors, Bloggers, Etc. in Your Niche Set-up Google Alerts and Track Long-tail Keywords to Generate Daily Content Ideas Identify Your Customers’ “Pain Points” and Write About How to Solve Them Generate a List of the Most Common Questions Customers Ask and Write a Blog Post that Clearly Answers each Question Create a Simple “How To” Video or Guide Aggregate Industry Information (Save Your Customers Time by Compiling Industry Updates Into One Article) Seek Out Guest Authors Create Lists (Top 10, How To, Best Of, etc.) Create Charts Provide Info on Industry Related Resources Ask for Feedback from Your Community to Stimulate New Ideas (Create Surveys or Polls) Share from Other Blogs and Add Your Own Perspective Share Info on New Products or Services Government Information Conduct Contests and Publish the Results Sales, Coupons, or Promotional Info Highlight Employee Recognition or Good Deeds Create an Award & Write About It (Ex: Fan of the Week, Employee of the Month, Customer of the Month, etc.) Trade Blog Content with Similar Companies in Other Markets Ask Vendors, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers for Content Check with Associations You Belong to & See What Content You Can Use. Read Competitor Blogs and Websites for Content Ideas Retool Your Company’s Brochures, Offline Marketing Materials, Documents, Reports, Etc. and Share them Online     Remember “Content is king” on the internet. Without fresh, relevant and interesting content, your user engagement will be stagnant. Creating a solid...
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