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New App: Flappy Diver by DIVEmApps, Inc

** COMING SOON – July 1, 2014 ** Coming soon on Apple’s iTunes App Store. The second app from DIVEmApps, Holistic Hybrid’s mobile development subsidiary.   After successfully launching our Bali Dive Guide in April, our mobile team wanted to work on a simple, fun scuba diving themed game. Inspired by other “flappy titles” out there, we created new design assets for a TAP-based game. Six test versions later.. You have Flappy Diver version 1.0 (without sound – Sorry we have yet found the right sound and music for it… Good thing we’re giving the game away for FREE.)   What is Flappy Diver? Flappy Diver is a simple tap action game. Your diver must swim through a series of coral columns in order to collect air bubbles …but don’t touch the coral or you’ll die! Get it ? “DON’T TOUCH THE CORAL OR YOU WILL DIE” This is about coral conservation, and keeping your buoyancy while diving in downwards currents… Ok Flappy Diver, are you ready? On your mark, get ready, tap or die! Why did we make Flappy Diver? We made Flappy Diver because we wanted to create something fun for divers to play with, to pass time on their way to a dive site or in between dives… You know, because sometimes you just don’t feel social! Play Flappy Diver! We bet you can’t make it to 100! Or will you be the first person to score a cool 1000 recorded in the Game Centre? Or perhaps you’re aiming for 10k+ like that dude did on that other flappy bird clone: Flappy Stars?  Share your score with other players, challenge other divers! Download it Starting July 1, 2014 – It’s FREE! What do you have to lose except time? Also check out our Bali Dive Guide, available on the iTunes App Store.  ...
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A Drone View on User Engagement

At Holistic Hybrid, we aim high “literally”! Our team loves technology, we embrace new trends with open arms.  A couple of years ago our fascination with drone came to life. We love photography and videography, we think that a picture or a short clip is really worth a 1000 words. So it is easy to understand why we instantly became fascinated with the idea of use flying camera platform to cover events and locations, giving our clients and their audiences a new perspective and something fun to talk about… With that in mind, we created an additional offering called “A drone view”. We can take aerial pictures of your events, venues, resort, property or festival. You have a creative idea and would like to have a bird’s eye view of it.. We can do that! Look at some of our latest aerial pictures. Pictures of Komune Resort and Beach Club – Keramas, Bali.         Pictures of The Man Shed, Sanur, Bali.     Contact us today to book our drone for a a flight near you!...
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Top Technology Trends for 2014

With less then a month left in 2013, we wanted to look back on the biggest trends over the past year and see how it compared with Mashable‘s list published a year ago. In 2013 we saw a rise in Big Data, in 3D printing, the death of the Desktop computer, and Crowd funding but it looks like they were not “yet” right about Flexible Devices… Earlier this month, Juniper Research has released its top 10 tech trends for 2014. It looks like our cities are going to get smarter, our money is going digital, we’ll wear more “smart devices”, and we will be printing a lot more products from home. Juniper’s top 10 technology trends for 2014 1) Cities will get smarter Cities will get increasingly smart as sensors and cloud-enabled apps connect transportation, metering, health care, lighting, and environment data, and make it actionable. 2) Mobile money will continue to grow Mobile money is enabling banking and financing systems in the developing world via mobile wallets, which should continue to grow both there and in developing countries. And as mobile grows in Africa and Asia, so will the provision of data, including data on better crop management, yield, and product tracking. 3) Wearable devices will proliferate Google has Glass, and Samsung has a smartwatch, but Apple’s iWatch and many other smart wearable technologies are coming out soon. Juniper says 2014 will be a “watershed year” for wearables — but privacy will be an issue as cameras go everywhere. 4) iPads and tablets will grow in education Tablet computing is increasingly attractive and affordable in education, Juniper says, and are likely soon to go mainstream in place of full desktop PCs or even laptops. 5) Mobile fitness devices will grow even bigger In 2014,  mobile fitness devices will start to focus on the whole range of health and start to enter the tougher and more challenging health care industry. 6) LTE subscribers will double and 4G LTE will start to roll out LTE will hit the big-time, Juniper says, with global users doubling in 2014. And even faster networks will debut. See how T-Mobile and other U.S. carriers already have most of the USA covered with LTE, and how you can even get free LTE data. 7) Device context awareness will accelerate More wearables, more devices, and more intelligence: Our devices are going to get smarter about where we...
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