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Social Media Predictions – Forward-thinking companies will empower their employees with social media

The Management Team at Hootsuite has just released an interesting post with their 5 social media prediction for 2014.

5 Social Media Predictions in 2014 from some of Hootsuite key executives

  • In 2014, the social media managers will die out … and be resurrected as social media evangelists.
  • In 2014, schools will focus on social media as an asset, rather than liability.
  • In 2014, social media ads will explode onto the scene, challenging old ways of advertising.
  • In 2014, millennials will help fuel a major trend in video sharing on the web.
  • In 2014, forward-thinking companies will empower their employees with social media

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Although all 5 predictions are without a doubt right on the money, I specially agree with this one:

 Forward-thinking companies will empower their employees with social media

Social media is already being used by many workplaces to connect with great job candidates and save costs on recruiting.

In 2014, forward-thinking companies will further adopt social media talent strategies to empower their employees to speak up and be better heard at work. How? By encouraging them to connect with each other via networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Yammer and more.

For example, at HootSuite, if we notice that 200 people are saying (on one of our internal staff social media channels) that there aren’t enough meeting rooms, we’re going to work to do something about it right then and now. If we can’t, we can have an open conversation on why then. But this isn’t really a new concept. Getting feedback from customers is crucial to good business, why should it be new for your employees to give you real-time feedback? Mirroring your employee experience with your customer experience is essential to success.

Thanks to social media, feedback no longer needs to be a horoscope delivered too late, it’s about active listening for both employee and organizational empowerment and alignment. When employees have a say and can interact with their teammates freely, they undoubtedly feel more connected with the organization and its bigger picture goals. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In 2014, innovative companies will use social media to gain valuable real-time insight into what’s happening inside their walls, so they can work with their employees to make better business decisions for tomorrow.

 What do you think will happen with digital media in 2014?