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Social Media Engagement

Social media has far surpassed the fad stage. It’s here to stay, and whether you embrace it or fend it off, you and your customers will be impacted. There is a world of conversation and engagement that’s happening right now – with or without you. The good news? The ability to jump in and engage is available at your fingertips. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to jump in!

What is Social Media Engagement?

Social Media engagement is related to participation in collective activities while using digital media, which reinforces social capital and social norms. Key elements of social engagement include activity (doing something), interaction (at least two people need to be involved in this activity), social exchange (the activity involves giving or receiving something from others), and lack of compulsion (there is no outside force forcing an individual to engage in the activity). For the most part, social media engagement excludes activities for which one is getting paid, or family obligations.

A common metric of social media engagement is the quantifiable volume of activity. A traditional form of social engagement, such as watching a sport, may be measured by the number of visitors to a game. In the Internet setting a metric of social engagement on a discussion may take the form of the number of posts made.

One of the main topics in studying social engagement by social scientists has related to whether individuals are more or less engaged with various communities. Some studies have suggested that modern information and communication technologies have made it easier for individuals to become socially engaged in more distant or virtual communities, and thus have decreased their involvement in local communities.

How to Engage with your Audience?

If you want your brand’s social media efforts to come across as authentic, you need to know what you stand for and what’s meaningful to you. In other words, authentic social communication requires you to be honest about what your brand represents, what you have to offer, where your weaknesses are, and what’s really important to your audience.

4 Tips For Authentic Online Engagement

  1. Focus On The Individual
  2. Listen Up!
  3. Keep It Real
  4. Ensure Authenticity

4 Tips for Better Engagement on Facebook

  1. Add a Charitable Component
  2. Use Polls
  3. Use Paid Media Judiciously
  4. Borrow Equity From Other Social Media Stars

How do you Connect with your Markets?

Social media has traditionally been utilized for marketing and branding as well as recruitment efforts across the enterprise. Rather than being a unique marketing tactic, consumers now expect to visit a company’s Web site and find prominent links or embedded content pulled from an associated Facebook page or Twitter profile. Simply put, social media is integrated into the way we do business, how we connect with our customers and ultimately how companies track engagements and sell products.

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